NPM tips

Save package exact version Because a lot of node package are not using semver, it is a good practice to save package exact version. npm install --save --save-exact or set »

Cache npm install on docker

Docker had a great cache mechanism, and you can easily use it to improve your image build time. Node Application Dockerfile You can use the below Dockerfile to run a »

ReactEurope 2015: Notes

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the ReactEurope Event in Paris, and it was a really interesting experience. Speakers and talks were amazing, and the organization of the »

Boot2docker with NFS on OSX

Boot2docker is a really great tool to run docker on a mac computer, but the default option to share folders is vboxfs, which can be an issue. Vboxfs is really »

Geocoding in node.js with node-geocoder

After more than a year of developing node-geocoder library, I finally take the time to write a small article to present you this library. Node geocoder is a node.js »

Publish node package on NPM best practices

As a contributor of some packages on npm, I will try my best to give you some tips on how to publish package on npm. NPM ? Node package manager is »